Spacers Demo 2018

Play 01 Play 01 INTRO 0:13
Play 02 Play 02 NO TRUST-NO LOVE 1:24
Play 03 Play 03 ACCOUNTABILITY 1:37
Play 04 Play 04 SELFISH HELP 2:11
Play 05 Play 05 SURVIVAL STRATEGY 1:35
Play 06 Play 06 WORKED TO DEATH 1:55


Tensions - Drums
Blair - Bass
The Concussion Kid - Vocals
Taylor - Guitar
recorded april 2018 at Ham space mtl



You think you can tell us just what to do
Grinding us down without a clue

Just because we’re not the norm
Just because we’re not like you
Just because we’re out of line

Subliminal hateful language you use
Totally Harmful ignorant abuse
No love for strangers full of hate
No trust for patriots, police or the state

Think before you open your mouth 

Just because you think we’re greasy
Your attitude makes us uneasy 

Subliminal hateful language you use
Totally Harmful ignorant abuse
No trust for strangers full of hate
No love for patriots, police or the state


Unity is a part of me
Pick each other up
There’s no chance for survival
Pulling ourselves apart 

Everyone is broken busted and down
No one is smiling - stare at the ground
But we can rise up 
If we work together
Sharing our resources make this world better

Accountability is a part of me
We can pick each other up 
Together we’re stronger than ever 
Don't let the stress and systems hold you down


Feel the itch
Break the skin
You’re not sure what you’ll let in
You’ll dig again and again and again

Toxic body
Hazardous mind
Toxic relapse
Emotional bind

Total destruction if you let it
Nothing to stop it you won’t regret it
Wasting away so you don't feel
Breaking apart what could be real

Ignore the advice
Self interest only


What's so wrong with fragility
What’s so wrong with my identity 

I don’t know what I am
I don’t have any future plans
I’m just trying to survive
Accepting emotions as they arrive 

I want to rip out my own hair
Tired of getting looks of despair 
I want to live without all the eyes
Staring and pointing - laugh as I cry

What’s so wrong with having a feeling 
What’s so wrong with no hope
I’m so exhausted living in fear
Can’t trust myself or the mirror


You’re so lazy
No motivation 
Why don’t you go outside

My worth can’t be judged 
By a system 
Tries to squeeze my life
For a dollar or two 

My worth isn’t measured 
By productivity
A set of rules enforced 
On me and you 

My desire to exist
Shouldn't be outweighed 
By societies’ expectation
To get paid 
Worked to death Copy Copied Failed Close