Powerviolence Is For Lovers

Play 01 Play 01 trigger discipline 1:21
Play 02 Play 02 excoriate 2:33
Play 04 Play 04 clayborne 3:43
Play 05 Play 05 staring problem 2:12

all songs written, performed, and recorded by Jetsam

mixed by Travis Mercredi
cassettes available from Tarantula Tapes: tarantulacassettes.bandcamp.com/album/powerviolence-is-for-lovers


trigger discipline

primed full of rage and desperate to go off
looking for anything that you can blame
all you need is an enemy
you're ready you're aimed you're fired

weaponize your discontent 
and manufacture outrage
your need to be potent 
is so easy to manipulate

good soldier in a war
no idea what you're fighting for


I have watched the way you excoriate

cut away what you can't make sense of
what you can't make confirm
isolate yourself from any discomfort
anything that makes you think

you don't see anything you don't want to see

how can you live like this

sine spe recuperandi

cliffs like hands raised in prayer
toward an unforgiving sky
and an endless ocean below
and somewhere though endless a shore
where the waves give and take
so much flotsam and jetsam
and everything I lose I wish I hadn't
and everything I gain I wish I hadn't

but I jumped and there is no way back
and I am lucky just to be out of the water
and the irony
that you took
from me
the only end I could ever see for myself
hurts more than any of it 
but the water is you and it's yours
and what does that leave me


I cannot integrate
and all your strength means nothing
and all my weakness means nothing

bury me in black rock 
just please do not leave me to this

the world we knew is gone
and nothing here means anything
nothing here matters
and yet

there has to be something here worth saving 
something we have not ruined

a little mercy is all I asked for
a little relief from this
we could not make this ours
and we should not

and how dare you not have killed me
and how dare you kill this world that did not kill me

starting problem

leering eyes and grotesque smiles and implied violence

you've never questioned your right to consume

it's all over your face
the way you look at everything
like it's yours to fight or fuck or whatever
and sure you can look wherever you want but have you thought about how it feels
I can see what you want
you're so obvious
you're so fucking obvious

it's all about power
it's always been about power

has anyone every told you you have a staring problem?

if the eyes are a window to the soul
then what does that say about yours

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