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released July 24, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Knightbus

Album Artwork by Nathan Alexis Brown

All songs by REMWAR

Bert: Vocals
Henz: Drums
Tensions: Guitar
Rubi: Guitar
Reina: Bass


secret police

there's a badge glistening out from under the sleaze
an upstanding citizen crawling round on his knees
never been a rat right
never had the chance right
conform and inform oh well you
make it hard to tell

secrets put you at ease they’re
secret this kind of police

everybody is one raised
fight that discipline with rage
conform and condemn oh well
they'd just love to sell

secrets put you at ease
secret minds of police

one hidden hog loves the market
one works from home
one self important piggy
holds a microphone


I shop the middle aisles
What’s it to you nosy fuckers
Shorten their lives in this shithole
What’s it to you

What a line
checkout time
They like the basket
Those brats will feed just fine
Go shopping caskets

This is what my family wants
I think they’ll like the taste
This is what the queen she wants
Bring back the colonies
Why me
What’s this
Green shit at least it’s free


Down at the White Pyramid

This is what the family wants
Don’t think they like the taste

funeral dream

abandoned on my birthday
cool kids in scene
boy do they regret it in my funeral dream
in the funeral dream
My vanities
forgiven me

you on the guestlist
you meet the dress code
guess you’ll have to go

funeral dream

i don’t want that
i’m fucking dead though
So what do i know

funeral dream

life you don’t get much for trying
put some effort into dying

apply some makeup
yeah it's a dress so
this is my show

Funeral dream


Let me eat it
I’ve got the hunger to achieve
You’ve just gotta believe me
Eat your shit sir trust this thing to me

Long as i’m alive
Climbing blow by blow
Say jump i say which tie
Will match the street below

Pay me

Pledge to die inside
Until i make payroll
Say hump i say which thigh
I’m your dog now as you know

Kill me

Let me eat it
I’ve got the hunger to achieve
You’ve just gotta believe me
Eat your shit right there on my c.v. Copy Copied Failed Close