Assimilation is Death (split with Gummo)

Play 01 Play 01 built for brutality 2:16
Play 02 Play 02 borderline 2:04
Play 03 Play 03 villain 1:18
Play 04 Play 04 anéantir le néant 1:13
Play 05 Play 05 new colossus 3:14

This EP was physically released as a split with Gummo <3. Go to for the digital version of their side of the split!

Produced by GUMMO & JETSAM

Co-produced by Minga Records, No Time Records, Here & Now Records, Loner Cult Records, Sleepy Dog Records, Sonic Bath Records, Crypt of Dr Gore Records, Coup de Couteau Records, Don't Trust The Hype Records, Wrecking Crew Records.

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Jetsam
Intro to new colossus is an excerpt from the writings of Voltairine de Cleyre as quoted by Emma Goldman (

Mixed & mastered by Travis Mercredi
Artwork by Lucie Babayan - @luciebambibabayan on Instagram
Design by Antoine\


built for brutality

aestheticize violence
revel in helplessness
abstract brutality
erase your complicity 

trapped in your boring dystopia
waste your breath complaining 
about the sanctity of your precious scene
cry for solidarity 

a peace between brothers
visions of unity seem so nice 
but everyone looks just like you 

enforce arbitrary boundaries
carve up the map and plant your flag
stake your claim to the words 
and wear your disdain like a badge 

everyone else is a cancer
in your ideal body politic
everyone else is a sellout
pretenders to your throne


what am i on the border of
what am i supposed to feel about
imaginary lines
imaginary lines 

borders you use
to carve up people too
an imaginary line in a book
of imaginary lines
in the chapter reserved for the worst ones
danger to myself and others 

something to be survived
not something to survive 

emotional burn victim
walking on eggshells 

time bomb counting down 

to my own annihilation 

try to make it til you're 35
and maybe then you'll have some peace
you probably won't make it but 

if you make it
if you make it
if you make it 

sanity is a moving goalpost and that's intentional


who calls me villain 

the only way for you to feel righteous 
is to invent a monster worse than you
an other to prove that you are normal
a scapegoat to soak up all your sins 

a perversion, some kind of monster
aberration, a threat
a portent
of calamity
a divine omen
of your doom

difference made flesh 

and if you are the norm from which I deviate
then let my transgression be your end

anéantir le néant

the tower is falling
assimilation is death
dissolution is the only way
total liberation or death 

"pure negativity not 
a reconfiguration of misery"

gender as a refusal
gender as a negation
gender as a death-drive
the tower must burn

new collossus

“Have you ever watched it coming in, — the sea? When the wind comes roaring out of the mist and a great bellowing thunders up from the water? Have you watched the white lions chasing each other towards the walls, and leaping up with foaming anger, as they strike, and turn and chase each other along the black bars of their cage in rage to devour each other? And tear back? And leap in again? Have you ever wondered in the midst of it all, which particular drops of water would strike the wall? If one could know all the facts one might calculate even that. But who can know them all? Of one thing only we are sure; some must strike it.

They are the criminals, those drops of water pitching against that silly wall and broken. Just why it was those particular ones we cannot know; but some had to go. Do not curse them; you have cursed them enough” 

crime and punishment 
tangled cause and effect

give me your tired 
give me your poor 
give me your huddled masses

a broken promise
of a perfect world
disappear anyone
who gives the lie

give me all those who yearn to breathe free
acres of skin to fuel the machine


another body to feed the machine
just one more body to feed the machine
send up a prayer to the mother of exiles
blessed are the persecuted

a sacrifice
at the altar
of cruelty and greed
in the name
of the powerful and ignorant

guilt or innocence
a convenient fiction
to maintain the lie
that we are free Copy Copied Failed Close